You’ve seen them zipping around the map in Team Fortress 2 before, sure, but have you ever stopped and thought about how twisted the mind of the Scout really is?

If you’ve missed them before, this is actually the fifth in the series of ‘Meet the…’ videos. They’re all incredibly well-made… some of the best video game related shorts around, and you can check the rest of them out here on Game Trailers. We still have yet to see videos for the Medic, Pyro,  Spy, and Sniper, so you can expect more of these to trickle out from Valve at some point in the future.

Also in the works for Team Fortress 2 are a ton of updates for the game, including new maps, new weapons for each class, and even a new game mode entitled Goldrush (where your characters have to stand near a bomb cart to have it move towards the enemy’s base. The more attackers stand near it, the faster it moves- but if you’re all taken out, it’ll start to creep back to your base…). Course, that’s all for PC gamers first, but hopefully consoles will get the DLC at some point soon in the future. I need another reason to jump into the fray.