And another internet rumor bites the dust. This weekend a story made the rounds here on the Information Superhighway that Terminator 4 had been shut down, just a few weeks before it was due to start filming. If that rumor were true, it would make the announcement of the casting of Moon Bloodgood as the female lead pretty weird. So we’re going to have to assume that T4 isn’t shut down at all. I know this is probably bumming a lot of you out.

Bloodgood, who might have the best name ever, will be playing what the Hollywood Reporter calls ‘a no-nonsense and battle-hardened
member of the resistance who is carrying a lot of guilt over
surviving the nuclear holocaust.’ Pre-strike there was one real female role in the script, a character who was a pilot and who could very well be the role that Bloodgood is playing. I do think there’s been some work on the script since the strike ended, though, and I understand that there may be more female roles. Still, I’d assume that Bloodgood isn’t playing Kate Brewster.

Filming starts on the Cinco de Mayo.