Guillermo del Toro threw one helluva curveball ball at the NYCC Hellboy II panel yesterday when he announced that Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is the new voice of Johann Kraus. How in the wide, wide world of sports does Peter Griffin replace a veteran actor like Thomas Kretschmann for the prized role of everyone’s favorite disembodied ectoplasmic spirit? I’ll let GDT field this one (via the Hellboy II message boards)

“Seth also speaks fluent German – he studied in Cologne and – if you heard him voice Stewie and Brian – has a wonderfully educated voice. The problem with the casting of Thomas was that his voice – through no fault of his own – was in the EXACT range as the gas/mechanical sound FX of Johann and came out monotone no matter what performance and direction we tried. Seth is my decision. 100% as I find his versatility amazing. He brings life and excitement to the character. He’s not doing Peter – this guy is one of the most talented and versatile voice actor I’ve ever met and his Johann made a massive difference in my heart. I thank heavens for his availability and showmanship. If we could only be judged by what we’ve done no one would wonder out of his/her range and expand.

He’s perfect for me.



Persuasive, no?

Guillermo also notes in his post that the NYCC “sizzle reel” was exclusive to the event, as it featured a bevy of unfinished f/x (it hasn’t leaked to YouTube either, which is a pleasant surprise).‘s Ed Douglas attended the panel, and he’s passed along the following info:

  • There’s a new, viral Hellboy II site.
  • GDT’s involvement in The Hobbit hinges on all the “legal stuff” getting worked out over the next four to five days.
  • GDT’s next small-scale film will be Saturn and the End of Days, which is “about a young boy watching the end of the world while walking back and forth from the supermarket.”

Oh, and that Drew Struzan poster may resurface for a special screening in July, but that’ll be that.