If you’ll glance up at our current masthead, you’ll see that Warner Brother’s cell-phone-themed horror flick One Missed Call is about to hit the shelves on every format.  To celebrate, the fine folks at Warner Home Video are offering up a little sweepstakes in which you can win not only a copy of the DVD, but your very own standalone Blu-Ray player as well!  Whatever you may think of the film (I haven’t seen it so I really can’t say one way or another), this is a pretty fuckin sweet prize package.  And honestly, who wouldn’t wanna see that Crazy Mouth-Eye Lady* staring back at you in 1080p?

Head on over to www.onemissedcallsweepstakes.com to submit your entry.  That’s right – you can only enter on that site.  Good luck!

* – If anything lended itself to a Hollow Man joke, that image is it.