A Brett Ratner collaboration would represent a nadir for most movie stars, but for Eddie Muprhy… Ratner is fucking Ophüls compared to Brian Robbins. Please, go forth and remake The Incredible Shrinking Man.

Relieved as I am to see Murphy taking a break from the worst thing to happen to cinema since Master P, what’s up with signing to another movie about shrunken people? Meet Dave has the former comedic genius playing one of several aliens piloting a human “spaceship”; now, he’s set to travesty the role originated by Grant Williams in the Jack Arnold/Richard Matheson sci-fi classic. I’d be worried about the quality of the new screenplay, but it’s from Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant.

The remake’s narrative centers on a Las Vegas magician who gets hit with a spell that causes him to shrink until he disappears completely. Apparently, there’s a counter-spell that will return him to his normal size. How much you want to bet that the film ends with him realizing he’s The Incredible Growing Man (coming summer 2011)?

Brian Grazer will produce for Imagine. Universal will distribute. Richard Matheson will cash a paycheck.