This has to be the most ridiculous news I’ve ever reported.

For some time now rumors have been popping up online about the next Mortal Kombat installment, tentatively titled Mortal Kombat 8. Most people don’t care, because there hasn’t been a good Kombat installment in 15 years (I’ll give you that the last one was fun for a day or two)… but it is interesting to think about what they could do with it on the new consoles.

This might just be it.

Yes, according to fansite ‘Mortal Kombat Online‘, this is the first promotional picture of the new game, Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe, which was sent to them by Midway. And it will indeed be a crossover the likes of which you’ve never seen…. or at least since Marvel Vs. Capcom.

Blow your mind yet? Now try and figure out how they’re going to get two series that haven’t had good games in them in a LONG time to work well together.

Course, this is all just rumor, especially seeing as the website in the picture doesn’t even work. But we’ll see what comes of it… could this be what it takes to finally get people excited about the Mortal Kombat series again? Batman disemboweling Raiden? Superman punching Reptile in the nuts? The Teen Titans’ Animalities?