Hamlet 2
is a goddamned funny movie, and was one of the highlights of my Sundance experience this year. The movie got purchased by Focus Features, and they’ve premiered the red band (read: R-rated) trailer for the film on their site.

The trailer captures a bunch of what’s good about this movie, although you need to experience the totality of Steve Coogan’s delusional high school drama teacher, Dana Marschz, to truly understand it. Faced with the imminent closure of the drama department, Marsh tries to save his job the way they always do in the movies – by putting on a show. Unfortunately, the show is an original play called Hamlet 2, which uses a time machine to get around most of the cast dying at the end of the original. And which features Jesus. And light sabers. And rampant, unfettered daddy issues. You can check out my original Sundance review right here.

Click here to see the red band trailer for Hamlet 2, and get ready to get raped in the face.