Jason Segel may be starring in movies that he wrote and getting noticed on How I Met Your Mother, but he’s always going to be Nick from Freaks and Geeks to me. In Forgetting Sarah Marshall there’s more than a little Nick on display in his character, who gets dumped by his TV star girl friend for a British rock star. Also on display: Segel’s penis. On a couple of occasions. This isn’t a quick flash, either. It’s chock full of cock.

Before you watch me talk with Segel about his dick (it was obligatory), check out the footage of my helicopter ride. The original plan was to take this footage and intersperse it with B roll shot out of the helicopter window, but it turns out I wasn’t mic’ed properly. We’ve provided you with subtitles to help understand what I’m saying.

And here’s the Segel interview. A very nice guy, and very friendly outside of the interview scenario. Be sure and see his movie this weekend.