I bet you Doris Kearns Goodwin and Leonardo DiCaprio would love each other.

DiCaprio, who has previously starred as Howard Hughes and J. Edgar Hoover, is once again lining up to play a historical figure. The actor will produce and star in Wilsonbased on the upcoming book by A. Scott Berg. The book is about – you guessed it – our 28th president, the man who oversaw our entrance to World War I and also passed the Federal Reserve Act and implemented the income tax. There’s also a darker side to his legacy, including his support of segregation. He definitely had some messed up views but we don’t know how much of that DiCaprio’s film will cover. Will it show Woodrow warts and all or just focus on his leadership during the dark days of war?

DiCaprio obviously has an interest in this historical biopics, with varying degrees of success. It’s like he’s searching for the perfect fit, the real life role that can define him. He nailed it with Howard Hughes but that hasn’t stopped him from continuing his search. You’re in luck, Leo, there are 43 other presidents if this project doesn’t fully satisfy you.

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