This is of greater interest to our readership than they’d probably care to admit. Either that, or I’m about to embarrass myself. Again.

If the name Robyn Lively isn’t terribly familiar, it’s because you commonly referred to her as “the cute redhead who feigned interest in Daniel LaRusso” or “Goldie Hawn’s teenage daughter” or “Jason’s sister” or, if you spent your early 90s summer vacations vegging out to HBO, “Teen Witch“. A direct-to-video disaster about an unpopular girl who enhances her uses witchcraft to land the guy of her dreams, the film somehow acquired a cult following amongst adolescent girls (thus making it the female answer to Rad, I guess); as a result, it’s now being revived as a star vehicle for High School Musical sex symbol, Ashley Tisdale (it’s an icky thought until you realize she’s well into her twenties).

I don’t know the first thing about this girl aside from what I’ve seen online, but a cursory glance at her “work” does make her seem a likely candidate for fleeting non-stardom ala Lively, Meredith Salenger, Lucy Deakins or Kerri Green. It could be that she’s bigger than that already, but High School Musical only gets you in the door, sweetheart. If this goes any further, you better have talent or loads of sex-tape-leaking shamelessness. Either way, you’ll be an inspiration to young women the world over.

Currently, there’s no script for Teen Witch. I wonder what R. Kelly is up to.