3bf5b835bd971e9fd9deda01c69b4692With around 200m views counted for both versions of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines video (20m of those for the NSFW version), you’ve likely run across the most so-far famous work of Ms. Emily Ratajkowski at some point this summer. And while her unapologetic toplessness and the controversy surrounding said video have kind of been the lead, even a casual view of the video(s) themselves suggests the woman has genuine charisma. Let’s hope it’s the kind that translates to the big screen and into a thoughtful acting performance because David Fincher and Fox have penciled her in for a role in their adaptation of Gone Girl, set to shoot later in the year.

Ratajkowski will join an interesting cast that feature Ben Affleck leading along with Rosamund Pike, and a supporting cast that features both Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry, if you can believe it. The model-turned-actress has nabbed the role of Affleck’s college-age mistress who sides with the parents of his missing wife once he’s implicated in her disappearance (bad scene!).

The adaptation of course fills out a schedule that was once filled with a massive potential blockbuster and a major franchise sequel, one of which has collapsed and the other remaining a big question mark.


Source | The Wrap, Deadline