The video interviews continue! Hawaii is but a sweet memory to me now, but these video interviews bring back the feeling of being hungover in paradise. Oh, that first Mai Tai of the morning.

This time I get double teamed by Forgetting Sarah Marshall director Nick Stoller and producer and Hollywood Comedy Don Judd Apatow. This was actually the very last interview I did this day and you’ll note that I have not gotten any better at it whatsoever. I even step on Nick Stoller’s Muppet penis joke. The only reason this isn’t called Amateur Hour is because it would take fifty six more minutes to be an hour! For Stoller not getting his jokes stepped on, check out his hilarious Die Hard-tinged blog entry here.

Enjoy the interview, and you’ll very soon be seeing Jason Segel and Bill Hader getting the same hot grilling from yours truly. And big thanks to Jeremy Butler, who’s been kicking ass on editing these things.