Nerdist didn’t really need to improve on the already great poster for Zero Charisma, and yet they have with an image that sums up the film about as perfectly as any could. Primed and ready for the side of a van, this epic imagery says everything that need be said, and does so with some nice Iron Maiden typefacing.

The film is really really great –a perfect return on the promise of the pitch trailer from years ago– and I know a lot of you are going to love it. I can’t wait for more people to see in October, when it hits VOD on the 8th and some theaters on the 11th. There’s also going to be a final, Apple-released trailer on Monday. It makes me swell with pride for my boy Sam Eidson.

Check out the current trailer if you haven’t, and if you’re jonesing for the film may I point you towards our fantastic interview with directors Katie Graham and Andrew Matthews, along with Mr. Eidson himself..?


via Nerdist