diogo-morgado-as-jesus-in-the-bible-miniseries-on-history-channelEven if you didn’t watch, you probably heard about The Bible, a miniseries that ran on History, and managed pretty great ratings and some Emmys earlier this year. Well turns out the producers spent the summer cutting their 11 hours of material down to 135 minutes, and have been making the studio rounds looking for distribution on their feature film cut. 20th Century Fox has snapped up the truncated story of Jesus’ life, and there should be some kind of theatrical distribution along with an international deal.

The show is the best-selling miniseries ever in the post-DVD era, so this release will join an outright sequel to the series that NBC picked up. Pretty lucky move to shoot a miniseries and squeeze a feature film out of it as well.

All of this to say the Biblical fiction business is booming, so don’t be surprised when you see this pop up in theaters around Christmas, I’m guessing.


Source | Deadline