If this was actually a photo of Hugh Jackman as a centaur, I can imagine entire segments of the internet pausing for a moment to genuflect this grand new step in reverse horse-man technology. But no, it’s just a photo from Australia, that movie Baz Luhrmann is making.

IESB has a slate of new photos from the flick, and they’re all suitably dusty and full of khaki. And saddles. And that image of Jackman inclining Nicole Kidman’s head back as if he’s about to slit her throat…don’t really expect the proper follow-through on that one.

Austalia is set to bring gritty but sweeping romance back into your life on November 14.

EDIT: Apple has a video podcast series called Set to Screen that is following production on the film. Two episodes are currently available (jump to them from here) but so far I’ve seen only the one focusing on set still photograpy. It’s actually pretty good; regardless of content of the final film, the images are often beautiful and I appreciated some light being shed on the role of the still photographer, which is typically the crew member who gets the least attention.