The long wait for the final half season of Battlestar Galactica has been…well… it’s been too damn long and annoying.   This hiatus has been borderline cruel.  Aren’t the head honchos at Sci Fi aware of the potentially alienating quality of such a long pause on an audience that is desperate for some answers?  What is the point of such a long pause for a series that is obviously the best product to come out of Sci Fi?  And I say this because we only got the Sci Fi Channel in South America this year and those god awful tv movies they make are just bland as hell.

Anyway, with BSG’s impending demise, I was quite glad to hear that a spinoff series, Caprica, was in the works.  Then I was very happy to hear that the sublime acting awesomeness that are Esai Morales and Eric Stoltz were the leads.  The 2 hours TV movie would serve as a pilot for a possible series.  And although I’ve noticed some hostility towards the idea of having a BSG spinoff on the internet, seeing the origins of the Adama family and cylons in general is actually not a bad idea at all.  At least I don’t think it is.

Today, E Online announced that Caprica has been picked up as a series.  So we have 20 more hours of the BSG universe ahead of us.  Good stuff.

Problem: The Caprica pilot hasn’t aired and there is no official announcement yet about a possible air date.

From a business stand point, although BSG has never been a ratings champion, it has a very faithful following and regardless of size, a channel like Sci Fi will gain nothing by loosing part of their audience.  If Caprica, in theory, will secure at least part of the BSG audience, why should they consider it a smart thing to have the audience wait so long for the Caprica pilot to air? 

The problem with making people wait is that waiting is boring; and when people are bored, they tend to abandon what they are waiting for.   

My dream would be for the Caprica pilot to air right before the first episode of the final half season of BSG.  But since the Caprica episodes will air some time in 2010, the pilot airing right after the final episode of BSG wouldn’t be so bad. 

Either way, as long as they finally set a date for the damn thing to air, it’ll all be ok.