You’re in luck. This video will show you that!

Many of us are now looking forward to the release of Pacific Rim on Blu-ray, which will hopefully be another feather in the film’s cap. My understanding is the film was nearly the first film to make $400m worldwide without making $100m domestic (very much a sign of the times, and China’s enthusiasm for the film), but it ultimately managed to squeak past $100m as well. This is a good thing for those that may want to see more from Del Toro’s universe one day. If it does, you can bet on a whole lot of Chinese money being involved, a la Looper, Iron Man 3, and more to come.

The disc release has a few decent features, and comes in standard Blu, 3D Blu, or a special edition with a statuette and both versions… It’s all available on October 15th. If you’re going to pick one of them up, we’d certainly appreciate you doing so through one of our Amazon links!