riddickefbbWell, I guess it’s a good thing the new Riddick film did pretty decent for itself over this weekend, or else this might be less of a thing to squee about, more something to dread having to throw a few Kickstarter dollars at. Regardless, courtesy of an interview over at Screencrush, Vin Diesel spilled the beans that he’s been putting the collective Starbreeze/Tigon Studios band back together to quietly start throwing together a new Riddick title. No word on system or anything, but one has to assume we’re looking at next gen for this.

As I’ve typed before, the first game is still kind of a marvel of awesome gameplay mechanics, paired with the perfect environment for Ol’ Glow Eyes to skulk around. The Dark Athena stuff, however, is those awesome mechanics, in the most uninspired environment. I don’t think anyone needs him to go back to the prison well, but in a righteous world, Vin’s got some ideas up his sleeve on how to bring Riddick into the next gen with as much style as he brought him to the OG XBox. He told IGN a while back he’d want to do something with some MMO elements, which just screams “lots of mercs to kill” to me. Let’s just pray he remembers why that was fun to begin with. But, judging from the film, I don’t think that’ll be a problem.

Oh, and, uh, it’d be nice if Dahl showed up again. Just throwin’ that out there.

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