If there was a better film at Sundance this year than The Wackness it was probably foreign or some crap and I didn’t bother with it*. Set in the transitional New York City of 1994, it’s about a white kid dealing dope to his psychiatrist in exchange for free sessions. Well, that’s the spine of the plot, but there’s more going on in the film.

When it was purchased by Sony Pictures Classics an uproar ensued; this is the company that couldn’t open a door, let alone a movie. The Wackness reeks of Fox Searchlight, and in their hands, I think this could be a huge hit. With SPC… well, we’ll see.

But the early news is not good. There’s a trailer for the film now, and besides the terrific musical choice, I don’t think it exactly captures the spirit of the movie. In fact, watching the trailer, I don’t know if SPC has decided how they’re selling this thing. Let’s hope that future materials are a little more gripping than this.

*Just kidding. I know there was no better film.