Who wouldn’t want to play a Saturday night, beer-and-potato-chips home poker game if you got to sit down with Hannibal Chau AND Gus Fring?

The trailer for the likely VOD title slipped has slipped past my radar, but apparent DTV-quality or not, Perlman and Esposito are names that make a B-crime flick worth a second pokernightposterglance. From writer/director Greg Francis, the story has a young cop showing up for a poker night with his veteran colleagues. After the anecdotes and antes begin, things get weird as a masked killer gets involved. Lots of twists and lies and grizzled faces, it would seem.

What’s interesting is that the film does not appear to have secured distribution, and any social media presence you can find is rather outdated. From the twitter and Facebook pages there are posts from 2010/11 that give a glimpse into a budding low-budget production trying to generate hype in the darkness years ago. The guy got the film made with some actors you know and love though, so that’s a victory one way or another. Keep your eyes peeled for it to eventually show up on VOD/DVD.