These are the days of promotional overkill.

Hot on the heels of their “Lonely Man” one-sheet, Universal has trotted out a two-minute featurette celebrating the influence of The Incredible Hulk television show on their modest, $100 million Ol’ Greenskin mulligan. While we already knew the spirit of Bill Bixby would be present in the film, it’s nice to see the late actor getting his due for helping to popularize the character via the somewhat beloved, somewhat quality late 70s/early 80s CBS series. It probably doesn’t hold up nowadays (save for the nostalgic value of the opening and closing credits), but, hey, it was a far sight better than the network’s mercifully short-lived Spider-Man show!

The Yahoo!-hosted clip is also worth watching for a slightly more revealing look at Tim Roth’s portrayal of Emil Blonsky as well as the continued absence of Mr. Edward Harrison Norton. At least director Louis Leterrier is there to tell us how his Hulk is a “journey of acceptance” that shows how anger can be transformed into courage (which he totally swiped from Fatal Vision, but whatever).

Hopefully, we’ll get a more convincing trailer for The Incredible Hulk next month; until then… here’s a little “Lonely Man” for ya.