First let me say that I am 100% sure that Lion’s Gate could have strapped a helmet cam to a lobotomized baboon and then edited together only the scenes of other animals in the zoo defecating and it would be better than the 2004 Punisher movie. I don’t necessarily blame Thomas Jane for this, it’s just a piece of garbage. I recently re-watched this one (whygodwhy) and found myself unable to devote any nice thoughts to it at all. I must have been stoned out of my gourd when I saw it in the theatre because I didn’t remember hating it as much as is warranted. Although, at the time I may have just been happy that they managed to put the fucking skull on his chest this time, even if it was tritely delivered by his kid ‘to ward off evil spirits’. Seriously, half way through this stink bomb I ran upstairs and IMDB’d the writers and sure enough, my hunch that they had penned more than their share of 80’s/early 90’s action movies and I was correct: