Good Day!

Starting today and every Monday – Friday I’ll be syndicating a page from one of several comic books I’ve been working on for the past year as CHUD’s redesign came together [yeah, still working on that] in an effort to make the site also be a haven for creative stuff that’s not just us talking about movies and stuff but a place to share new stuff that lives its own life. Stuff like my [hated] comic strip. Stuff like CHUDstories [anyone want to spearhead that?]. Stuff like the Podcast [which will be available to listen to directly off the site next week]. Stuff like some upcoming things we’ll be working on.

And stuff like these comic books, which will run on for the duration of their lives [and hopefully see print sooner than later]. You’ll be seeing the comic books PAIN, The Crawl, The Bridger Adventures, This Hollow World, and possibly a few others.

Today, we begin with Day of the Devil, written by myself, drawn by John Toledo, colored by Jose Vega, with layout and text by Simon O. Wright. I’m going to treat this like the Sid & Marty Krofft and alternate between titles each day to showcase the variety and allow the storylines to unfold at their own pace. I really hope you like ’em. Also, I have hundreds of these pages done so don’t be worried that this will disappear.

Day of the Devil, #1

Click to see it larger.

Click to see it larger.