There’s nothing terribly new to report about Boom Blox, the EA/Spielberg game that’s hitting the Wii next month, but a couple of great new videos of the gameplay have surfaced. This one will give you a great idea of how much fun it is to simply destroy blocks… and little animals, of course.

I was sold on this game from the very first time I laid hands on it, and really can’t wait to get to get some more playtime on it.
One sad thing to report, though. During Nintendo’s recent Media Summit Joystiq found out that the long talked about Head Tracking feature has been pulled from the game. What the hell’s Head Tracking? You do remember Johnny Chung Lee’s incredible video demonstrations of what was possible with the Wii Remote, don’t you? Boom Blox would’ve allowed  you to set up your own IR headset (if you could figure it out) and peer into the game like the TV was a window.

Shame to see it gone… let’s hope some other developer decides to take up this challenge and give us something new with the Wii.

Still, as far as Boom Blox is concerned, it’s already down in my book as the next party game I’ll be pulling out when I have company over. It’s simple enough that anyone could get into, and seems to be pretty damn addictive, so just add some drinks and you’ll have a great time.