Our chain smoking, dance major girlfriends at IGN have just debuted the one-sheet for The Incredible Hulk, and, um… I like the Bill Bixby homage? Yeah, I’ll go with that. Cue up the “Lonely Man” theme, and I’m liable to mist up just looking at this poster.

Head over to IGN to check out the high-res version, and be sure to read the accompanying article, which informs us that Louis Leterrier, Kevin Feige, Gale Anne Hurd and the great Tim Roth will be appearing at the New York Comic Con this Saturday (on a panel hosted by the luscious Eric Moro). Neat! Perhaps Marvel and Edward Norton will settle their differences between now and then, and the entire gang (short of William Hurt and Liv Tyler) will be there! And maybe Prince will produce Sinead O’Connor’s next LP!

I’ve nothing more to add re: the troubled post-production of The Incredible Hulk, so why don’t y’all just chime in on this broad-backed hunk of key art.