PrintOne of my favorite shorts from last year’s Fantastic Fest was The Quiet Girl’s Guide to Violence, a dark, dark comedy about an otherwise quiet girl’s path towards grisly vengeance — so much so that I sought out the director Rafael Antonio Ruiz to strike up a conversation about the film. It proved to be a fruitful meeting, as he later lent me his Superman Blu-Ray set for Franchise Me (which I know I’m behind on, but will indeed be finished!). So I’m happy to let people know that the short is now available on-line for your viewing pleasures…

The short has been selected by Fantastic Fest to premiere online as part of’s new short film initiative SCREAMERS, which is presenting exclusive shorts by both established and emerging voices in genre cinema.

A victim of childhood bullying decides she will no longer suffer
silently in this darkly comic tale of revenge. The short stars
Jennymarie Jemison (from this year’s SXSW Audience Award Winner Zero Charisma and Lone Star Award Winner Loves Her Gun) as Holly, a geek girl whose passion for vengeance grows quickly out of her control.

Of interest to long-time CHUD readers, the film was produced by Mark Wheaton, formerly known to Chewers as Smilin’ Jack Ruby.


Trailer below.