After being away from the live action movie star thing for a while, Mike Myers is returning to screens this summer as The Love Guru, a character who seems to be making all the same Austin Powers jokes… in a different accent! Yes, this is the exciting new spin it’s taken Myers years to craft.

Perhaps doing all those same old gags – in a different accent! – has gotten Myers homesick for his British spy character. It seems that there’s a script for Austin Powers 4, and supermodel Gisele Bundchen is being offered the babe role. But don’t worry, Myers won’t be just rehashing the jokes from the previous three movies (and The Love Guru) – he’ll be doing it from the point of view of Dr. Evil! That’s what Myers told the press back when The Love Guru got underway a year ago.

Personally, I just hope that Myers sidelines Austin Powers 4 so that he and Eddie Murphy can team up in the greatest crossover ever: The Love Guru Meets The Holy Man.