Speed Racer represents the first time in quite a while that a continual program of trailer releases has created, then increased my desire to see a film in which I previously had zero interest. Not that I expect the latest Wachowski film to be anything except wacky fun, but ‘fun’ is something I finally see here, where previously I looked at Speed Racer like a two-hour StairMaster routine for my retinas.

This latest international trailer (which is on the official site, erasing worries about failed YouTube links) presents the film from more of a story perspective, in which it is by no means any great shakes. We see more of the supporting cast, who appear to be uniformly uninteresting. And they’re still struggling to sell Racer X. It’s not working.

So what’s generating the interest to see this? Frames like the one above. This movie is starting to look to me like the kids’ version of Gilliam’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I can barely sit through that flick, but for some reason the overall effect here has become appealing here.  Maybe I’m just dazzled by all the pretty colors.

See the rainbow at the film’s official site.

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