I love it – not only has PDA defied the expectations of every Sundance blogger who said you’d never see this movie, they’re now courting Disney’s ire with the one-sheet above. And despite the legal expertise of a bunch of people who can operate keyboards, a lawyer or two has involved himself in this endeavor (now that people are dropping money to make this happen) and PDA and co. certainly know exactly what kind of copyright ground they’re treading on, and what they can and can’t do.

As I’ve mentioned before, it all ultimately comes down to the Streisand Effect for Disney anyway. Stomping this movie would change it from “curiosity” to “victim” and that only benefits one party… What’s great is how this tacitly recalls another Disney-reframing film that made the rounds earlier this year. From the creator of the iconic I ♥ NY logo, Milton Glaser, and director Lee Savage, the film is only one-minute long and played some festivals in 1969. It’s a doozie…

Escape From Tomorrow though, is the notorious “shot in Disney parks without permission” film that twists the plastic fantasy of that world into a place of dark visions and ominousness. It’s one of the most interesting movie stories of the year, and it is driving towards a limited theatrical run and VOD release soon. Sporting a tightened-up cut running about 15 minutes shorter, the film hits on October 11th.

I don’t know of a website or other consistent source for a theater listing, but I’m keeping an eye out to bring it your way.