“I used to think that one of the great signs of security was the ability to just walk away.”

–Jack Nicholson

Apparently Jack Nicholson has officially quit the business of being an actor.

0df9913440000ab59aed0a129a110157Now this is not so much news as confirmation of an observable fact, considering it was 2010 since we last saw that crazy fucking smile in a movie. Hell, we only saw him in a film 7 times total in all of the last decade, even if that’s not a bad output for a man now in his mid 70s.

In any event, Radar and their (lol) “well-placed Hollywood insider” say that Nicholson has indeed definitively and quietly retired from acting due to an increasingly scattered memory. Though they don’t say when the decision was made specifically, they cite Alexandre Payne’s new film Nebraska as a role Nicholson turned down recently.

The article’s source emphatically states that Nicholson has not retired from public life in the slightest, and in fact plans to be the same delightful presence at Lakers games and awards ceremonies as always. It also mentions that Nicholson went for the quiet, whistling exit to stage left to avoid tributes and, more than likely, exactly the kind of news cycle that is going to arbitrarily broil today (and that I’m currently contributing to). What I’m saying is that Nicholson is probably going to roll his eyes and sigh deeply at some point in the next 24 hours.

With that in mind I’ll refrain from eulogizing the man’s career (a Dreamworks paycheck could always coax him out for a voice role after all), but I will ask- what’s your personal favorite Nicholson role?

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