Vincent Gallo was in Dario Argento’s Giallo for about as long as he was in Chloe Sevigny. And while I have to admit I’m still sorry to see him go, I’m fascinated by the total cast turnaround taking place with this movie. Also gone is Ray Liotta. Stepping in to fill the ‘good detective’ shoes is Adrien Brody, who is now exec producing the picture as well.

Brody’s a pretty big step up for Argento; he’ll definitely be a help when the film goes up for pre-sale at Cannes. Giallo could well turn out to be the most widely distributed theatrical film Argento has made in over a decade. And with Brody in the exec producer chair, we can hope that he might steer the movie clear from the awful creative choices that made Mother of Tears a laugh riot, while encouraging the director’s general stylistic tendencies.

Jim Agnew and Sean Keller’s script remains the basis for Giallo, which “revolves around an American flight attendant who teams with an Italian investigator to search for her missing sister who has been abducted by a serial killer known only as Yellow.