Time Crimes was one of my very favorite films at Sundance this year (read my original review here). A small Spanish movie with a tiny cast but huge ideas, Time Crimes is about the kind of trouble you can get into by traveling through time as little as an hour and a half. Great without major special effects or big action set pieces, Time Crimes is a movie that should be enjoyed for what it is – which is why I was pretty disappointed to hear that the remake rights were bought at the festival. Americans just can’t be asked to see a foreign movie, I guess.

Now there’s some good news on the remake front – Timothy J. Sexton has been hired to write it. You’ll recognize him as the guy who worked with Alfonso Cuaron on the script for Children of Men, one of the great science fiction movies of the last decade. It’s a film that gets big – much bigger than Time Crimes – but never loses its way when it comes to characters and meaning, which will be crucial for this remake.

Meanwhile, Magnolia owns the original. Let’s hope they don’t take their time releasing it here in the United States. I can’t wait to see it again.