With the new Evening With Kevin Smith DVD out I thought I should catch up with the last one they came out with since I really enjoyed the first one. If you didn’t know Kevin Smith is really good in front of a large audience and has some great stories. Of course he would since it’s coming from a man who makes movies that are all about someone telling someone else a story.Well something he said stuck out and I wondered if he should have said it.

In talking about Ben Affleck he mentioned Armageddon and Michael Bay. Then he took a jab at Michael Bay for the movies he makes. I get it, make fun of Michael Bay because he makes silly action movies that don’t always have the best stories or dialogue which makes him an easy target. BUT if that is what Michael Bay does and does well then what is wrong with that? If you ask me Michael Bay has some of the best action movies out there. He enjoys doing these kinds of movies and isn’t trying to make intimate, dialogue heavy movies because he probably wouldn’t be good at them.

Kevin Smith makes those movies and he even admits that’s what his movies are, and that is what he is good at. He also goes on to say that he couldn’t handle doing an action movie because of the patience required for every shot. Which is fine because Kevin Smith does some of the best character driven, dialogue heavy stories out there. That’s his thing.

So as a director if you’re good at something, and you focus on doing that thing, and it fills an audiences needs then what is wrong with that? That my friend is called finding your niche in the business. Plenty of directors do it. Hell few directors are able to expand beyond it. Yea it was funny to hear Kevin Smith make fun of Bay and I giggled, but at the end of the day they are both niche directors and there is nothing wrong with that. That said I still look foward to Smith’s stories and humor in Sold Out: A Threevening With Kevin Smith.