It warms my heart to know that out there in this rough and tumble, increasingly corporatized Interwebbing Superinformation Tubeway there are still people diligently updating their fansites for Mitch Pileggi. This, people, is why Al Gore gave us this series of tubes, and we should never forget it. I’m not kidding – I really do love the weird fansites.

And somebody else does too, as has snagged three new photos from the upcoming X-Files movie. They’re not really interesting photos, per se, but since we used to run a story every time somebody farted in the vicinity of a rumor about making a new X-Files movie, let’s celebrate that one is in the can and on the way to theaters this summer. I’m psyched.

Above you can see one of the pics, which reveals (spoilers!) that Mulder still has that old ‘I Want To Believe’ poster. I thought all his stuff got burned up or something (too lazy to check the Wikipedia episode guide; someone tell me if I’m right in the comments), so I guess he hit up at some point. Click here to see the other two pictures, both of which are sadly Pileggi-free.