Rose McGowan tells MTV that recent rumors of her leaving Robert Rodriguez’s Barbarella remake are greatly exaggerated. “[The news that I was out] was really irritating because I know all the
people over there and obviously it wasn’t true. It was very malicious
and there was no proof,”
McGowan said. “Oftentimes these
things have basis in truth but this didn’t. I have contracts to prove

She also says she has the costumes and sets to prove it; the only thing holding Barbarella up right now is the looming SAG strike, as the movie wouldn’t be able to finish filming before the June strike date.

That’s too bad – McGowan used to be super incendiary hot before she got all this work done on her face. If the world held as much great justice as I wish it did, Lindsay Lohan would be stepping into Barbarella’s space boots – this is a role she was almost born to play. And now that she’s willing to show all on film, it’s a role that could boost her career in a real way.