Intrepid Coming Soon reporter Ed Douglas has talked to Vadim Perelman, supposed director of Atlas Shrugged, and has learned that the movie is not in Development Hell after all. Perelman told Douglas that the script is being polished and that Lionsgate would like to get shooting in December. He also says that Angelina Jolie is still onboard, and describes her as spearheading the project.

I’m interested in reading Ed’s full interview because I’m curious if he broached the subject of Ayn Rand’s complete evil with Perelman, and whether or not the director had any thoughts on the Objectivist movement, which has been compared to cults like Scientology. Angelina Jolie’s humanitarian actions seem to make her a most unlikely Objectivist.

Perelman also thinks that they’ve cracked the book, which is one of the longest novels ever written. And one of the worst – Ayn Rand was slightly less of a writer than she was a beauty queen. I wonder if they’re keeping John Galt’s FIFTY SIX PAGE speech about Objectivism. What a crock of shit. This could be the new Battlefield Earth!