Any hopes that Frank Miller is actually making The Spirit and not Sin City 2 are steadily diminishing. The trailer, coming next weekend, could still prove that Miller’s movie will be more true to Eisner than it currently appears, but for now we’ve only got the posters and two new production stills.

Well. They’re not production stills, are they? We saw those last week when a load of set photos leaked onto the internet. I understand why Lionsgate was upset about those shots. They didn’t represent at all what the finished product would look like. And if that’s really Sam Jackson’s hat, they better not.

Notice, then, the two official shots at IGN. Sam Jackson. No hat. And Scarlett looks a lot more like a sexy, threatening domme than a dowdy librarian out for an evening at the goth club. (It’s a thin line, I know.) But these shots…so moody. So Sin City.

This trailer needs to be better than Robocop 2.