… is apparently going to tour the US next fall.

Let’s just let that hang there for a moment.

You can go here for a version of the story* :


Those of you that know who they are will no doubt know what this means the return of what is quite possibly the greatest live band of all time.

My advice is to keep tabs and treat yourself when they come to your city.

I myself will try everything in my power to either go to that show in Minehead, England (’bout due for a trip across the pond again) – I mean, really, a reunited Sleep? My god, I think this could be the show of the decade.* However, that Chicago show would bring back a lot of memories… my guess is it’ll be at the Metro for old times sake.


* there’s one on pitchfork too but I hate to send them traffic

** Go to Youtube and look up live clips – lead singer David Yow is second only to Patton in insanity. He would literally spend every conceivable moment of every show in the crowd. One year he lost his wedding ring and made everyone stop until he found it.