Did people not realize that Errol Morris was pretty funny? I guess I’m the only one who laughed a lot during Mr. Death, huh?

Morris is coming off of his second war documentary, Standard Operating Procedure, an examination of the Abu Ghraib incident, and he’s decided he’d like to go a little lighter. “I’m a funny guy, and I’d like to make something funny
he told The Hollywood Reporter. “I can’t see myself making one political film
after another. I’m glad I made these two movies, but I’d like
to do something different.”

That something different is called The End of Everything, and it will ‘entail a range of subjects including a
wingless bird, “Gone With the Wind” author Margaret Mitchell, a
volcano and Laura Bush.’ Weird. Quoth the Reporter:  “This is a new idea of how to blend drama with reality,”
Morris said of “Everything.” Although actors will be cast and
the script developed in the manner of fiction films, real-life
photographs will be used as source material.

Morris is writing the script and the movie, which will shoot partially in Hawaii (location of the volcano and the wingless bird), with Participant Productions producing. There’s no timeline, but I’m intrigued to see what Morris has to offer.

Standard Operating Procedure opens at the end of the month.