Bloody Disgusting’s got the full cast list for Joe Johnston’s Wolf Man remake, and there are a couple of good names in the lineup. Among them all, one has me very happy: Geraldine Chaplin. The daughter of Charlie Chaplin doesn’t do a lot of English language flicks, so this is a pleasant surprise. She was a high point of The Orphanage last year; it’s worth seeing for her alone.

Here’s the lineup as they’ve got it, including the names we already knew: Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, Art Malik, Rob Dixon, Hugo Weaving, Nicholas Day, Michael Cronin, David Schofield, David Sterne, Roger Frost, Clive Russell and Geraldine Chaplin.

We don’t know what roles some of the new names are attached to, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Chaplin is barely in the film at all, but this is a little bump of good news for a film that is quietly picking up steam. Could The Wolf Man actually turn out to be something other than a studio hack job? BD also claims that the film has been pushed from February to April 3, which is good news. The slums of February ain’t good for anyone, man, wolf or John Jameson.