You can see one of the best movies of the year right now on VOD, but if you’ve been holding out for the theatrical release, it’s almost here! If you’ve seen it already, I’m willing to bet you’d like to share it with some people or see it again on the big screen yourself. Friday marks the release of the film in a batch of theaters across the country.

You can find that list of theaters right here. Personally, I’m salty because Atlanta’s not on it. I hope you’re luckier in your market.

In any event, I”ll be reposting my review tomorrow and publishing a brand new interview with the star of the film and his two directors. A great bunch of people put this movie together with a lot of love, and now Drafthouse is doing their thing with as much care as possible. In their usual fashion, they’ve come up with some unique marketing pieces steeped in nostalgia- check out the character trading cards below, as well as a magazine ad for a tie-in playset.

More info on the film can be found here. The images below come from Dangerous Minds, Topless Robot, and AICN respectively.







Alternate one-sheet: