… and bring out your dead. Can you imagine being an employee at walmart (let alone a temporary one) and losing your life while a consumer-crazed mob of assholes crushes you beneath their feet in an attempt to roll back the cost of their holiday savings?

If you haven’t heard, here’s the article:


While reading the above linked article pay special notice to the parts that mention someone taping up a sign that read “Blitz line starts here” and how badly some of the customers who made it in behaved when the police cleared the store after Mr. Damour’s death. Also notice that walmart wasted no time re-opening a few hours later. Wouldn’t want the bottom line to be put off too much I guess…

Keep in mind that these people breathe your air.

Seriously, it’s things like this that make me jones for the day when nature finally has enough* and fires up the disaster that is sure to come down the pipes in our lifetime and wipe out a large portion of the human population of the planet. Really, no one wants to die or lose the people they love, but on the grand scheme, can anybody deny that we humans are long overdue and very much deserving of a species-reaping. My money is on bacteria doing it, but we’ll see.**

So I’ll be raising a glass every night for the next week in memorial of one Mr. Jdimytai Damour – the temporary waystop of retail that many of us ‘without marketable skills’ (as some would say) use to pay the bills took his life and my heart goes out to his memory for that. No one should have to die in a store, let alone a scum-fuck cess pool like a walmart.


* because clearly our population is out of control and nature ALWAYS ropes that shit back in eventually

** and not to sound crass, but does it strike anybody else as odd that
just after AC/DC releases their exclusive album through walmart this
stampede happens? People getting stampeded to death seems to follow
these guys around. Remember that show in, what? 1991? I was just
starting high school and was denied going to the clash of the titans
tour because of the then recent episode where several people were
crushed beneath the heels of an unruly Against Chicken/Devo’s Command