There’s your first poster for the latest horror film from mumblehorror extraordinaire, Ti West. The director’s team up with producer Eli Roth should mark his most widely-released, aggressively promoted effort yet- a chance to really cross over into the mainstream. The market appears to be hungry for the right kind of horror movie, so if this catches it could be a big moment for the House of the Devil and The Innkeepers director.

The premise is that a trio (made up of familiar mumblecore faces like Joe Swanberg) visit a friend in the backwoods, and her Pop turns out to be more than just a local leader. The promise is of a horror take on Jonestown, but with an eye for exploring how not crazy the people involved in such a cult can be. That’s West’s stated goal anyway. His ace in the hole no country for old men gene jonesmay be similar to Kevin Smith’s when he made Red State though- a charismatic old southern guy playing the best kind of crazy…

Most will remember Gene Jones from No Country For Old Men, in which he played a gas station clerk in the unenviable position of inadvertently flipping a coin for his life opposite Anton Chigurh. He was also a pharmacist in the last season of Louie- apparently the role that caught West’s eye. Jones plays the town leader, and I get the impression his performance will be the warm, crazy heart of the film.

I am the opposite of a fan of West’s first two films, but even just him shooting in my Savannah, GA stomping grounds means I’ll take a look.¬†Any fans of West out there happy to see him moving on up?

via EW