Remember when, a few months ago, that painted concept art surfaced for Pixar’s film Up? Now that the company is throwing upcoming info about like Smarties, there’s a rendered version on the internets. After getting that rundown of Pixar’s slate up earlier, one of the first sites I hit was UpcomingPixar and, lo and behold, there’s the rendered frame in all it’s angry old man glory.

(Yeah, I waited a while to post it, but I claim Leatherheads and working on a late review of same as my excuse. And yes, I could have posted this as an addendum to the first Pixar piece. What fun is that?)

At first glance, yep, this looks exactly as you’d expect a render of that concept to look. But there are some additional or exaggerated details that I really like: the door’s superfluous deadbolts, which contrast the simple window latch, and the old-fashioned light switch. The render gets across Carl Fredricksen’s angry stance nicely, and combined with Ed Asner’s voice and Pixar’s superlative ability to convey attitude through motion, I expect to giggle my way all through this movie.  

Download a massive high-res version here.