When it comes to Iron Man, we’ve gone from an absolute dearth of visual info to near overload. Months ago we raced to post any single image from the film, even when one was basically the same as the last. Now it seems like a new gallery hits the web every other day. There’s even a bloody Facebook/MySpace widget, if you care about that sort of thing.

I’ve moved to a point where I don’t even think about pointing them all out. Like most people I’m really looking forward to the film, but at this point I’m beyond convinced. I don’t need to see any more, and I worry about overselling the thing.

So the most recent clip, which shows fifty seconds of Iron Man’s first flight, is something you should only watch if you’re not near supersaturation with Iron Man pre-sale info. Yes, it’s great. I love the in-helmet shots of Stark, since they give Robert Downey, Jr. the opportunity to enhance what could be a straight effects scene. Several people have pointed out the vague Battlestar Galactica influence on the actual flight shots, and I agree — they look a little shaky and very detailed and, even pushed up to 1080p, more realistic than most superhero movies.

Hit the skies with Iron Man at Apple. (It’s the ‘Run Before You Can Walk’ clip.) Or wait to see it gloriously projected in May.