Two summers ago I finally saw “The Man Who Fell To Earth” for the first time in years. Maybe 10 years. It was via Netflix and I think I watched it four times in two days. I recently saw the Criterion Collection DVD (which comes with the book) and bought it and now I have no inner pressure to return it to get my next Netflix movie. Instead, I’m watching it over, and over and over. I don’t know what it is about that movie but it is one of the few pieces of cinema that really trust that the audience is attentive and intelligent. Brief scenes or objects are hinted at when first shot, but then return again and again with the trust that you remembered it (such as that Bruegel painting). And the range that movie goes through by the end, both visually and in moods… man, I just can’t stop watching it.

So feel free to join my seemingly endless viewing of this movie for now. For the record, a couple other movies that have “trapped” me for days of viewing and re-viewing:

• Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu (um… that scene with Wagner playing and the mountains… HOLY GOD… let it speak for itself I guess:)

watch it

• and Night of The Hunter. ‘Nuff said for those who have seen it. I hope no one even dares remake this movie.

So, in the spirit of community out there in CHUD land- any movies you guys just keep looping?