We’re awfully enamored of Darren Aronofsky around these parts, so it’s nothin’ but good news that Mr. Rachel Weisz is developing a thriller series for AMC. Currently titled Riverview Towers, the show will center on a family that moves into an apartment building fraught with “paranormal activity”; hopefully, it’ll be more Rosemary’s Baby than Demons 2 (though the latter does have its unintentional charms). John J. McLaughlin, who recently collaborated with Aronofsky on Black Swan, will write the pilot, while Monster‘s Patty Jenkins is expected to direct provided the series gets picked up by the network.

Realizing that the “Classic Movie” market is all but owned by TCM, AMC is aggressively pursuing more original programming to complement the not-too-shabby duo of Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Aronofsky is easily the biggest “name” being courted by the network, but there are some very talented, if lesser-known writers (most notably Nicky Silver and Harley Peyton) slapping stuff together for its development slate. The sketchiest project: an untitled western from Alison Anders (who’s floundered spectacularly since Border Radio and Gas, Food, Lodging).

There’s no telling when Riverview Towers will make it to the air (if it makes it to the air), but anything that keeps Aronofsky busy is fine by me (though I’d prefer that he get back to work on The Fighter).