4699e22dfdd0fb6c55728870f20d3872We’re hearing that a young actress passing on a big role in Joss Whedon’s Avengers sequel has opened up casting for Scarlet Witch once again, and an Olsen may swoop in.

Elizabeth Olsen is a younger sibling of the infamous twins, and has spent the last couple years gathering acclaim for her various fantastic performances. Since her second film Martha Marcy May Marlene garnered so much respect she’s been working hard, with a number of indies relased in the last year and ┬áSpike Lee’s Oldboy hitting soon, as well as a spot in the Godzilla reboot. She’s a fine, mature actress with the chops for roles in movies of any scale, and Bleeding Cool has word that she’s circling the superpowered role just passed on by Saoirse Ronan.

Olsen could be working against Aaron Johnson, who is circling the role of Quicksilver, the sister of Scarlet Witch and a character that Bryan Singer’s next X-Men film will also include. (The skinny on that unusual bit of business here.) Apparently both will be taking on Eastern European accents. Whether than means the film will actually mention the tiny fictional country of Transia (essentially a single town at the base of a mountain, funded entirely through Uranium export), is up in the air. They’ve alluded to Wakanda, so it wouldn’t be the first bit of fictional geography.

We’re still many months out from production on Avengers: Age Of Ultron, so it could be a few weeks yet until this stuff is nailed down. We’ll keep you updated.