Everybody’s pretty uptight when a movie is being made and we’re out here on the web trying to get information about it. Sometimes studios overreact a little – I’ve been dressed down more than once for stuff I post, and we all get cease and desists on a regular basis. But last year IESB  ran some spy pics from the set of Iron Man and, in what has been classified a bit of confusion, their ISP took the site down after a complaint by Paramount. It all got settled, yadda yadda yadda, but it wasn’t forgotten.

An eagle eyed IESB reader noticed that the latest Iron Man TV spot features Tony Stark reading a newspaper with the headline ‘Who Is The Iron Man?’… with IESB’s spy pic on the front page! I may have the occasional disagreement with the folks at IESB, but this is pretty damn cool, and it’s a fun little wink from Jon Favreau.