So, there you go. Depending on your age, November 15th is the day we all get to collect on those Amazon pre-orders we so dutifully signed up for seconds after the $399 price tag left Jack Tretton’s mouth, or the day you kinda shrug helplessly at your HR department when they ask why the entire male employee population between the ages of 18 and 34 got “sick”.

Sony didn’t have a list at Gamescom of what we’d expect to get with our newfound next-gen overlord, but they did just come with a boatload of random cool. Tons of indie titles, new exclusives from the guys who made Thomas Was Alone and Dear Esther,  this fantastic looking number here, Playstation exclusive missions for Watch Dogs, Minecraft for those of you who care, a remote play demo (basically, what the WiiU is doing, but you need to own a Vita, which is now cheaper, btw), multiplayer for Killzone, again for those who care, and yeah, of course they took another cheap potshot at Microsoft. It’s folly to call the next gen this early in the game, especially considering that the biggest fanfare has been from Sony doing what they SHOULD do, not what would be super-mega-awesome to do, but when they go to a big fancy international gaming conference and bring this wide a variety of games, meanwhile, the XBone lineup is choked with EA Sports and Just Dance, the urge to declare a clear winner becomes harder to suppress.

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